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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Website Deployment

Internet Information Services is used to make your computer a web server. If we want to have a web server for developing dynamic website or want to publish
website on our own server then we install the IIS.Internet Information Server (IIS) is a World Wide Web server, a Gopher server and an FTP server all rolled
into one. IIS means that you can publish WWW pages.
If you want to your web application accessible to any other pc in intranet or internet you need to IIS.

Below are steps for deployment:
1.Right click your website and click on Publish website.All compiles files are ready for deployment.
2.Create a backup for database whichever you are using and restore it on production server.
3.Go to server using ftp or filezila copy all compiles file on server.
4.Open Webconfig and change the connection string according to your Database name and server.
5.Create a virtual directory for this website.
6.Your website is ready.
7.Test website

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