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Friday, September 17, 2010

Sql Server Interview Questions

1.What are the blocks in stored procedure
2. How do you handle exceptions. Give the syntax for it
3. What is normalization and types of normalization
4. When would you denormalize
5. Difference between a query and strored procedure
6. What is clustered and non-clustered indexes
7. Types of joins
8. How do you get all records from 2 tables. Which join do you use
9. Types of optimization
10. Difference between inline query and stored procedure
11. How do you rate yourrself in oracle and sql server
12. What is E-R diagram
13. Draw E-R diagram for many to many relationship
14. Design databaseraw er diagram for a certain scenario(many author many books)
15. Diff between primary key and unique key
16. What is Normalization
17. Difference between sub query and nested query
18. Indexes in oracle
19. Querry to retrieve record for a many to many relationship
20. Querry to get max and second max in oracle in one querry
21. Write a simple Store procedure and pass parameter to it
22. What are the types of triggers
23. Types of locks in database
24. Types of indexes. What is the default key created when a primary key is created in a table
25. What is clustered, non-clustured and unique index. How many indexes can be created on a table
26. Can we create non-clustured index on a clustered index
27. Types of backups
28. What is INSTEAD OF trigger
29. What is difference between triggers and stored procedures. And advantages of SP over triggers
30. What is DTS and purpose of DTS
31. Write a query to get 2nd maximum salary in an employee table Types of joins.
32. What is currency type in database
33. What are nested triggers
34. What is a heap related to database
35. Types of cursors and explanation each of them
36. Types of cursor locations and explanation on each of them
37. Types of cursor locks and explanation each of them
38 How do you retrieve set of records from database server.{Set max records = 100 & use paging where pager page no or records = 10 & after displaying 100 records
again connect to database retrieve next 100 }
39. How do you optimize SQL queries

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